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Unwanted Recruitment Offers
One has to make a living. I get that, since I am in the same position.
Unlike a lot of recruiters on LinkedIn, I READ profiles when I look at them.

So, when at the bottom of a profile it says:
Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 19.03.13

Don't add "or a job offer" behind every single one of those items.

I am inclined to add the following to my profile description:

@recruiters: only contact me when it says so at the bottom of my profile. Starting 01-01-2014 I will publicly and actively denounce you, your company and the person who passed on my name when I am not actively asking for recruitment. My free Advice: when in doubt, don't contact me ;-)
Does this go to far (or not)? Am I fighting for a lost cause? (is it a lost cause?) Is there a better way to handle them? Should I send them a bill for using my time? In the Netherlands we have an opt-out system for unwanted callers; should recruitment be included? I am wondering what other people think, so I'm posting it. Feel free to respond! Private messages will not be published (unless you are a recruiter trying to recruit me...)
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